Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fashion Tip: Floral Skirt + Zip Up Shirt + Stripe Bag

Hey Fashion lovers!

These pictures were taken two weeks before and here I am posting it after sleeping for 13 hours and journeying for 19 hours by plane. 

This skirt is from Fairweather, Canada and the zip up shirt is from Suzy Sheer, Canada. The silver stiletto is from Shimmer Shoes, Bangladesh.

So today's fashion tip is: floral skirt + zip up shirt + stripe bag

Check out my photos below and read the fashion tips. I hope you will like it and let me know what you think about my outfit and the photos.

A black and white stripe bag can't go wrong with another classic print like floral print skirt.

Loose waves in the evening is the hairstyle that cannot go wrong.

Go for this particular 90s trend, mix up white and silver. 
I went for White shirt and silver hoop earrings.

High heels always upgrades your look. But there is something sexy about having both ankle strap and stiletto heels.
Colour combo to try: White + Silver + Black + Red.

Hope you like today's post and comment on today's outfit and tell me about your ootd.

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