Monday, 30 November 2015

One Trend Each Season For The Next One Year

Hey Fashionholics!
If you have to choose only one trend each season for the next one year, what would you choose?
Check out the trends to crave for each season which made headline news in Ready to Wear runway shows.

Fall: Anything tweed is in and if it's a Chanel number then you are the ultimate Fashionholic! Check out my three tips: skirt over fitted pants, pattern play and tweed dress and let me know how you would wear tweed this fall!

Winter: This winter when it comes to anything fuzzy and warm don't opt for favorited neutral trench coat, black coat or even bright ones. Choose unique pattern in fall colours. Pattern coats were seen in Gucci Fall 2015 Ready To Wear collection. 

Spring: Neutral hues would never go out of style. Forget floral print for spring and opt for breezy flows silhouette in neutral colour as seen on Tibi Ready to Wear 2016. You can wear this trend with Victorian inspired necklace keeping your hair loose and wavy.

Summer: Summer is going to be lovely and the most favourite for all the fashionistas out there. Most of the collection (especially Newyork Fashion Week) of Spring Summer Ready To Wear 2016 were flowy, inspired by 70s and 60s, geek chic and colourfu. One of the trend that made huge news in the opening of Newyork Fashion Week was ribbon. Seen in Proenza Schouler this trend could be experimented anywhere from tying around the waist as belt to using it as pussy bow. 

Let me know which one is your favourite and is there any trend you would love to add along with the one that made headlines? 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Fall Fashion: Peplum + Knife Pleats

Hi, Everyone. This fall I have decided to try and mix different fall fashion trends and create a whole new fascinating and fresh looks.

Check out my latest fashion trend crush, it's knife pleats! I love pleated skirt but this shiny knife pleats from Forever 21 (20 Canadian Dollar)gives my whole outfit Avant Garde look. I thought of accentuating my curves and nothing makes one look leaner, taller and have that envious hourglass body shape than the peplum top.

Cross body bags are in and I thought of opting for Nine West Blush Bag.

Bejewelled printed top might be last season but I had huge crush on this top which was on sale in H&M for only 5 Canadian dollar. Can you believe that?

Stone Cuff in blush colour sets the perfect night out in town mood. The cuff is from H&M and for only 5 Canadian Dollar.

Since you always don't go by a car and need to take bus or subway, you might think of ditching your perfect of heels and go ballets. In this case I went for blush pink ballet from Ardene and for $ 10 only.

Fringe dominated the whole Spring Summer 2015 and Fall Winter 2015 Fashion shows. But instead of wearing fringe I went for fringe accessories. Fringe burgundy earrings are from Cats Eye Of Bangladesh for only 20 dollar.

Tights are best for fall but I tend to go for shear ones if the weather permits me.

I hope you love my latest post and let me know what's your favourite fall fashion trend.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Daisy Print + Pastel Accessories + Berkinstock

Hey Fashion Lovers! My Ebook is still a work in progress however I have been traveling and visiting random places in order to get some inspiration. I will be visiting Singapore soon for my mother's eye operation. With the expectation growing from my family to carry out my duties towards them I am becoming more and more tense. But that didn't stop me from not thinking about blogging. It is now an integral part of my life and it seems lonely not to share my latest fashion ventures and style tips and tricks with you.
Today my outfit is from all my favourite retail stores. My top is from Suzy Shier  , knuckle ring from H&M , Birkinstock from Call It Spring , bag from Sears , the bangle is from street market in India. Read more to know about my outfit.

My latest addition to my wardrobe is from Suzy Shier Canada which has the most interesting top for holiday season. Sadly the top I am wearing is last season and I do not have it's link to share it with you.  I love this top because of its shape and the slight peplum at the bottom.

Knuckle rings are a huge trend and it would remain strong for the next 1 year or so. Wear it with romantic inspired pretty necklaces to mix up toughness of the knuckle ring with super cuteness of your necklace!

Daisy prints are way too romantic and would look better with anything pastel. I wore a cross body pastel bag and I think it suits with daisy print.

Wide bangles are required if you are wearing less accessories. I know I am wearing 3: knuckle ring, bangle, necklace and that's pretty much more than suffice.However Coco Chanel would disapprove of the look and would tell me to leave one accessory before leaving the home. But since my accessories do not attract much attention I think my mix and match of accessory is almost perfect. What do you guys think?

As romantic as this outfit can be I wanted to make it look slightly undone, or should I say slightly fashion forward? Jewelled Flats are great way to make u look like a fashionista without putting on much effort.

A selfie is definitely required for capturing the memory of this cute yet fashion forward ensemble
If you love this outfit as much as I do let me know what you think and how you would wear this trend!
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Friday, 20 November 2015

How To Rock Bombshell Trend For Fall 2015

For Fall 2015 apart from goth, geek, minimalistic, party girl trend there is one trend that has stood out the most on the runway and that's the Bombshell trend.

It was a bit cold night last Sunday and the occasion was formal. I was bored of my cocktail dresses and I wanted to try something shorter and body hugging like this oxblood red and black patterned dress however the weather calls for a bit cover up. Instead of tights I thought leather leggings are comfy and a creative option. It worked wonders! It instantly gave a new look to my body hugging, bombshell short dress. I also love the dress not only because of its pattern and silhouette but also because it is slimming and it has pockets at the front! Its wonderful that a dress could be functional yet stylish! As the occasion was a formal party I went for classic accessories. A hat clip as you can see below is one of my favourite accessories that dressed any casual look and transforming it in to formal. I also went for eye catching sea blue necklace that was simple yet something about it makes it stand out and wore a statement ring. I finished my look with black and white printed pointy high heel show that matched perfectly with my hat clip. 

Check out the photos below.

Do you love the bombshell trend as much as I do? What do you think about this outfit post?

Friday, 13 November 2015

Mixing Bright Colours With Neutral Colours

Hi beautiful fashionistas! Do you love mixing bright colours like I do? Today I will talk to you about how I recently wore bright colours with light colours.  It's not hard to implement both bright and earthy tones in one outfit but it's a bit tricky to go for two bright colours with one neutral colour. Here is my new outfit off the day where I mixed  two bright colours red and teal with beige skirt. I love bright teal with basic colours like black and white but I also love this colour with beige and bright shades.  If you are not sure to wear two bright shades together keep the colours farther away from each other like I did here in the pictures.

Want to know details about my outfit? The tunic is from street market, the pencil skirt is from Urban Planet, the bag is from Macy's, the necklace is from Suzy Shier, Canada and the shoe is from Spark Gear, Bangladesh.

Check out my pictures and let me know what brighter shades you would pair together with one neutral shade.

A tunic is sometimes confused as short dresses, but I would rather call it a long top. If you own a bright printed  tunic, wear it with your favourite pencil skirt for office.

Geometric print is fun and a bright one like this teal one stands out with colourblock red and beige bag.

Accessories should never be boring if your outfit is conservative. Go for daring colours and colour blocks.

Slim fitted, stretchable skirt is what you should look for if you want to stay comfortable all throughout the day and go for small details like golden buckles on your skirt!

Add a bit of sparkle with bracelets around your wrist.

Mary Jane inspired pump shoe makes any formal outfit looks super feminine and cute.

Let me know what you think about this outfit and whether you liked it.

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