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What To Wear To Office When You Have Closet Full Of Statement Making Piece

Oh wow! You just landed your first ever job as a banker, or you are appointed at a law office or at any multinational company but you have no idea what to wear to a conservative office since you are Fashionholic at heart and have always stocked up the most trendy items of the season. You love unique items that describes your quirky and fun personality. You also love those jingling and chunky accessories that you wear often. You also love wearing statement necklaces and sunglasses and that's Your go to pieces which you cannot live without and almost wear everyday when you go out.

We always address the problem of having too much basic staples in your closet. But there are many fashionholics out there who have more dramatic outfits than basics. So, in that case utilize your statement making outfits cautiously. The trick is to go for neutral colour and wear as minimal accessories as possible if your outfit is vibrant and colourful. 

 It's great that you have statement making pieces in your wardrobe but when it comes to office you should tone your fun loving personality and quirkiness down and be a bit conservative to show your professional side at the office. Since you have no time right now to go out & buy some new outfits or accessories for your new job here is a guide to help you get dressed up every morning with the statement making pieces you have.

You only need to follow these seven simple rules and everything would seem easy. Getting dressed for work could look scary if you have wardrobe full of ruffles, fringes, frills, colours and dramatic items but with the help of these simple key items listed below could make dressing in the morning for your work not only enjoyable but less time consuming. I mean this is what we all want! To get dressed fast without thinking too much and get out of the door as soon as possible....

Check out the rules below!

1. A Blazer Always Works When Everything Fails: You know the time you bought your favourite black blazer? But you never thought you  can make your favourite blazer look conservative at places which requires formal dress up. Well Thank God you bought a staple that is a mandatory for your wardrobe because without this your wardrobe is incomplete! Here is how you should style them with your statement making outfit.

2. A Camel Coat Is Necessary To Help You Look That You Are Serious About Your Work: When you have too much print, ruffles and frills going on in your outfit opt for something neutral preferably a layering piece. Remember that your camel coats are your best wardrobe staple to make your look instantly expensive yet polished. The best part about camel coat is that it can tone down the most glamorous outfit making you look classic and professional at your office. Here is how you should wear a camel coat at the office.

3. Anything And Everything Black Is Preferable: No matter how statement making your black outfit  is, the colour black is the most welcoming colour for the office, conservative places, meetings, formal parties and almost everywhere. Black is considered to be powerful and sets the mood for being professional. So wear your statement making black dress at the office but remember not to accessorize too much to attract attention. 

4. Nude Heels Not Only Elongates your Leg But Is Appropriate For The Office: Almost all fashionholics own a nude heels or something similar to nude heels. You can make your statement making outfits look office appropriate by opting for something neutral. Moreover if you thinking of how to mix and match prints without looking overdressed, a pair of nude heels can help you look ready for the office. And as mentioned before wear little accessories as possible to make your outfit look appropriate for the office. Check out how to wear nude heels below.

5. Going For Earthy Colours Is The Key To Look Down To Earth: Going for beige, brown, chocolate, ivory and all earthy shades would help you to not only look professional and appropriate for the office but it would help you feel productive through out the day. This is because earthy shades  are associated with nature and  it instantly makes the attire look basic and almost blends in any occasion. So go on have fun with your ruffle earthy top and flare pants but make it look appropriate with right accessories. So, here is how you should wear it.

6. A Structured Bag Is Not Only Necessary To Have Important Items With You But It Makes You Look Polished For The Office: A large structured bag is extremely important to have all your important papers and make up kit with you. It's better to match your heels with your structured bag. But do this if your structured bag is darker colour. This is because you don't want to draw too much attention to your outfit.So, here is how you should carry it at the office.

7. You Can Just Wear Anything With White Button Down Shirt ( I mean literally):  Your basic white button down shirt is like magic. You can dress them up or dress them down depending on the occasion. When you have closet full of statement making outfits, play it safe with your basic button shirt and make your office wear look surprisingly fashion forward yet professional. Here is how you should wear your white button down shirt at your office if are going for statement making clothes.

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So What do you think about these tips?

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