Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mix & Match: Checks + Aztec

I am sure that you know I love mixing prints. I think mixing two different prints or texture is an art. So, here my outfit is bright, bold and trendy at the same time. My accessories are colourful too. However too much colours can make or break an outfit.

Read on to know the perfect way to balance checks and Aztec together.

1. The linear method: No I am not talking about mathematical term, I am talking about making myself look fitter and proportional by choosing the right colour and print in right places. I looked for bright and horizontal prints at the bottom since I am a cornet shape. This Aztec print jogger is bright and has horizontal zigzag lines which draws more attention to my bottom half than top half.  The navy blue top underneath the cross checks blazer is darker and perfectly goes with my skin tone making my top half linear.

2. Dangling and Attracting: Dangling earrings always makes people look at your face first. Moreover as the shape of this particular earrings are slimmer, makes it pretty much attractive and perfect.

3. Crosses all over: My whole look has zigzag patterns and crosses. From the half sleeve blazer to my jogger and even the coloublocking shoes. Try this new fashion tip out and make a statement.

4. Go for a little bit of neutral: Head to toe neutral and monochromatic look is always in. If you are wondering what to try with your most colourful outfit, try something like this. Go for one neutral and one bright rainbow accessories to balance your look.

5. Half sleeve Jacket: Jackets are a Fashionholics go-to piece. However when summer arrives and it's too hot to wear your favourite piece, try light fabric and a half sleeve one.

6. Rainbow for accessories: If you are scared of too much colours, take a baby do not have to go for colourful top or dress, you can simply choose colourful accessories and make your outfit look fresh.

So these are my tips on mixing Aztec and checks like a pro.

 Let me know how you would mix aztec and checks and how would accessorize your outfit.

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