Friday, 24 June 2016

Hold On To Culottes!

Just when you thought that culottes are out of fashion you came across a pair of blush pink culottes which is no doubt a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe! It happens to me, u and everyone, right? I mean, culottes seems to looks perfect, timeless and trendy at the same time even though the trend is 3 seasons old! Many of the fashion experts and stylist are now on the hunt for new IT pants! Recently many of the magazines stated that skinny is coming back and might replace culottes! I say, it's good that skinny is coming back I would definitely hold on to my favourite pair of blush pink culottes from Forever 21. 

So, recently I wore my favourite pair of blush culottes and from my recent experience and experimentation with culottes I learned couple of things that I strictly believe are necessary for you to know!

Here is why I think you should hold on to culottes!

They look surprisingly new and fashion forward!!! Every time you wear this don't you feel happy and confident? Well, this happens to me! They make any boring separates fresh and surprisingly fashionable no matter how many times you wore them in past month!!

You always find new ways to wear them! Sometimes you feel like tucking your top in the culottes and sometimes you don't! Sometimes you feel like layering and sometimes you don't. So no matter how you want to style culottes, it looks great every time! The best part is there are so many way you can dress them up or down depending on your mood!

Here, I dressed it up with long window pane tunic top and made my outfit look put together by clinching a belt!


It requires creativity to accessorize and make your culottes look fresh!!! You love your favorite pair of solid culottes. don't you? So, how do to accessorize them? From my recent experience I found it hard to accessorize a culotte! I guess that's what happens to everyone when they accessorize their favourite staple!

So, here is how I struggled..........

"It looks great with an edgy backpack but I want my blush pink culottes to look feminine and sophisticated without looking way too girly or I am trying too hard !"

 So in that case I opted for floral clutch!

"Since it looks way too feminine now, I should wear something edgy" or should I go something menswear?"

A Loafer with tassel is perfect to balance the feminine look

 "I also want my culottes to match with a pair of accessory without looking matchy matchy"

I added a blush pink belt

" I thought I wanted an edgy look in the first place, why am I side tracked????"

I wore a leaf knuckle ring

" But what's missing? Yes....something that describes my style.....I think this would look great against the red colour design of my top"

"Coco Chanel advised to take off one accessory before leaving home"

Who cares? I added a polka dot bangle

........How Would You Accessorize Your Culottes?.....


It is the epitome of sophistication: It looks sophisticated and polished on everyone! I am sure you know that already!

You can just walk around like it's nobodies business! It's way to comfy and roomy and makes you feel laid back without forgoing your style. 

Parting away from it is unbearable! Sure, new trends are coming! But culottes are something that are close to your heart! It makes you feel great, look better and be more confident! Are you sure you do not want that beautiful pair of culottes which you have just spotted?

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So, Why would you hold on to your culottes?

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