Monday, 23 November 2015

Daisy Print + Pastel Accessories + Berkinstock

Hey Fashion Lovers! My Ebook is still a work in progress however I have been traveling and visiting random places in order to get some inspiration. I will be visiting Singapore soon for my mother's eye operation. With the expectation growing from my family to carry out my duties towards them I am becoming more and more tense. But that didn't stop me from not thinking about blogging. It is now an integral part of my life and it seems lonely not to share my latest fashion ventures and style tips and tricks with you.
Today my outfit is from all my favourite retail stores. My top is from Suzy Shier  , knuckle ring from H&M , Birkinstock from Call It Spring , bag from Sears , the bangle is from street market in India. Read more to know about my outfit.

My latest addition to my wardrobe is from Suzy Shier Canada which has the most interesting top for holiday season. Sadly the top I am wearing is last season and I do not have it's link to share it with you.  I love this top because of its shape and the slight peplum at the bottom.

Knuckle rings are a huge trend and it would remain strong for the next 1 year or so. Wear it with romantic inspired pretty necklaces to mix up toughness of the knuckle ring with super cuteness of your necklace!

Daisy prints are way too romantic and would look better with anything pastel. I wore a cross body pastel bag and I think it suits with daisy print.

Wide bangles are required if you are wearing less accessories. I know I am wearing 3: knuckle ring, bangle, necklace and that's pretty much more than suffice.However Coco Chanel would disapprove of the look and would tell me to leave one accessory before leaving the home. But since my accessories do not attract much attention I think my mix and match of accessory is almost perfect. What do you guys think?

As romantic as this outfit can be I wanted to make it look slightly undone, or should I say slightly fashion forward? Jewelled Flats are great way to make u look like a fashionista without putting on much effort.

A selfie is definitely required for capturing the memory of this cute yet fashion forward ensemble
If you love this outfit as much as I do let me know what you think and how you would wear this trend!
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