Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fashion Tip: Utility + Feminity

Hey Fashionholics!

It's been a long time I don't get to write because I have been extremely busy with school work. So, I am done with exams ....when I woke up today in the morning I decided and promised myself to give my blog which I love the most (and have been missing lately) more time than anything.

This is a late post and the pictures ware taken last week, so rather than calling it the outfit of the day, the term outfit of last week suits more.

I love utility fashion, it's inspired by wartime and generally the colours are khaki or military green. As spring is most colourful season where fashion creativity is enhanced, I thought why not mix the trend utility with something feminine like this peplum top. Well, it's basically a peplum dress, I tucked the dress in my pant and made it look like a top. I also wore white zip up shirt underneath to give it more like 30s inspired vintage look and finished off the look with colour block Crimson shoe which matches with the tiny floral print of my peplum top.

So, my fashion tip of the day: Utility + Feminity  

Read my tips to mix utility with feminity 

1. Same colour family: Same colour family is hard to dress but when done right it adds inches to your height. Go for shades of baby pink, onion red and crimson in your outfit to make you  look leaner and longer.

2. Precious stone + vintage inspired: pendent handed down to you by your great grandmother or your mom have sentimental value to you. As precious as your pendent is, it would look marvellous if you follow your grandmother or your mom's footsteps and imitate their vintage inspired fashion. In this case I went for 70s inspired wide leg utility pant, white zip up shirt underneath peplum top and my ruby pendant. Try something like vintage polka dot frocks with a beautiful pendant.

3. Floral + utility: As I said before utility dressing can be more interesting and fashion forward if you go for something ladylike or feminine rather than menswear inspired. Go for utility jacket with tiered skirt or you can try floral print jacket and utility inspired maxi dress this spring.

4. Orange and brown: I absolutely love this brown vintage watch and I thought of pairing it with one of my street finds...Orange bracelet.  As I have said earlier in one of my post doubling up your accessories work and if you choose contrasting colour like orange and brown it definitely would turn heads in your way! Thinking what other ways you can teem up these two colour? Go for orange scarf and brown leather jacket in winter. This spring go for orange tank top with brown suede skirt or try orange heels and brown shorts.

5. Colour blocks in your feet: tired of colour block dress or tops, why not opt for a colour block shoe? 

These were the latest fashion tips by me after a long time. Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments. Love to hear from you soon. 
Xoxo and remember it's all about being fashion forward.

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