Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How To Wear: Blazer Style Top

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I have this vintage  blazer style top which I purchased a long time back from Singapore but didn't know how to style it. Since 70's style are back for this spring and I thought of giving my favourite grey flare pant a new refreshing style with these amazing top which does so much wonder in an instant. The navy blue blazer style top is a bit old fashioned but I think it's pretty much workable with these pant and antique bracelet.

Read on to know more: 

1. Turning ugly in to pretty: " I think there is beauty in everything. What normal people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it." That's what Alexander Mcqueen said. And he is absolutely right about it. Just experiment with something that you know is longer in vogue or looks dated, you might find that it absolutely blends in and looks stylish with your dress pant, skinny jeans, midi skirts or even flare pants. I think many people would absolutely avoid half sleeve blazer or this cut, so give something like this a try with your skinny jeans or skinny pants if you want to play it safe. But for all the daring ones out there try it with different stuff like harem pants, joggers, flare pant, mini skirt or even midi. I went for 70s flare pant as its the spring season's most IT item.

2.  Double up: double up your accessories. Trying layering 2 bracelets or 2 small cuffs in same colour, same sizes or same patterns.

3.  Unique details in unexpected places: it could be a fur over your shoulder, peekaboo near your waist or flowers over your knee....going for unique details in unexpected places gives the whole look a new and unique or even futuristic style. For example this blazer has applique at the two ends of each side.

4. Feminine touch to menswear inspired: Menswear is in! It never gets boring no matter how many times you have tried. A little bit of feminine accessories like this cute little beautiful earrings are a touch of  prettyness and sophistication to my menswear inspired look of blazer style top and flare pants.

5. Navy and red: A very common fashion tip almost followed by all fashionistas out there! But this is one of my favourite and I think it would stay everyone's favourite forever. So try something like a red dress with navy shoe or navy blazer with red shoe or even red skirt with navy bag.

6. Clothes that has jewelleries: I think every one of us have items that have clothes that have attached jewelleries. If you have strands of pearl hanging over your turtle neck top just try it on in with your maxi skirt or even culottes and long dangling earrings and cocktail rings. Jewelleries attached to your clothes are pretty interesting to stylise cause it gives you kind of a challenge to mix and match it with other accessories. In this case this blue pendent were attached to my half sleeve blazer styled top and I think it looks great.

I would absolutely love to hear what you think of today's outfit. 
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