Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Colour Combo: White + Pink + Metallic + Copper

Hey Fashionholics!

How was your day? 
Today I bring you another new way to utilise your printed favourite pieces and colours in your look. 
These photos were taken back at home just before coming to Canada. I wanted to meet all my relatives and freinds and this was one of the outfit I choosed to wear to visit and say good bye to some of them.

So the colour combo of the day is : White + pink + metallic + copper

Read on to know more about the outfit.

Mixing two loud prints has become easier now. It's all about choosing right colour. Lighter colours like white and baby pink with busy prints like polka and checks doesn't make you look fat or flattering. Instead this fashion tip looks intriguing.

A silver stiletto is a must for all and it's perfect for every occasion. If you don't have one, go invest in one now.

Your metallic shoe doesn't have to match your metallic bag. What I mean is go for both silver and golden in your outfit, but make sure the accessories are simple. Here I went for golden envelope bag and silver stiletto.

Matching set is in. I am not talking about matching crop top and a skirt which has been in vogue for the last 4 seasons. I am referring to matching earring and neckpiece. Let me know what you think about this fashion tip.

Before ending my blog post I want to say that it has been a busy week which got me to eliminate this week's look of the week post. Going to bring that next week and I promise to bring you the best one every time. Let me know what you think about my colour combo post and would you ever try the fashion tips. 

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