Sunday, 10 May 2015

The "Last Minute" Dinner Outfit

Hey Fashionholics!

Ever wondered how to build up your outfit for a dinner party when you are in a rush?

Read today's latest post on "last minute" dinner outfit.

I got a dinner invitation from distant relatives in the midst of moving to a new home. I had no idea how to pack my entire wardrobe in my suitcase but I think I have managed successfully.

The following day of moving was the worst day ever coz I had to unpack everything from carton boxes and suitcases and organise my new home. I had no idea what to wear for the dinner and the worst part was that I don't even know the host. 

I was busy organising and decorating my home and I gave little thought to my outfit for last night. Therefore the first thing I choosed was the statement necklace. Read on my step by step guide to get ready and put on the " last minute" dinner outfit.

A statement top is what I had in mind instead of the usual LBD. I am in love with this special top, a gift from my sister. What I love about this top is the mesh net which has larger embroidered florals on it and looks great with the stripe underneath.

I wanted a pop of colour in my outfit and wanted to hide my tired face and puffy eyes due to lack of sleep. I wanted to draw the attention away from my face and more towards my outfit. I went for pastel blue A-line mini skirt which perfectly swishes around me.

I finished my look with something that matches with my statement necklace. I went for white bracelet and copper watch. On the plus point I also didn't expect the night to turn out so much better. I got to meet this cute little cat called Milo. 

A black liner, mascara and nude lipstick is what every women needs when they have little time to dress up when going to a dinner party.

In the end my fashion tip for all the fashionholics out there is to have confidence and feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Only then you can enjoy your dinner and socialise with everyone.

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