Friday, 11 December 2015

Babies Day In!

Hey Fashion Lovers! Today I am going to share with you very special memories from my trip to USA.
These are the pictures taken in my uncle's house who has 2 little adorable daughters in New Jersey. A visit to my uncles house became the most memorable days of this year. Here are the pictures taken at the family gathering in his house. Let me know what you think about this look.

This picture is taken with little and adorable 1 month old Ayana. For the family gathering I went for smokey eyes with heavy mascara.

Pony tail is best for keeping my hair out of my face when running after these 2 year old adorable Amana.

I went for Suzy Shier blush pink embellished top tucked in Sirens Oxblood Tulle skirt and finishing the look with Sears black opaque tights. As for accessories I went for Call It Spring high heel black and white shoe, Sears teal blue stone bracelet, Aldo earrings, Aldo polka dot and floral bag and H&M finger rings.

Try these different colour combination: Blush Pink+Oxblood

Make accessories the centre of attraction to draw your eyes away from problem areas. In this outfit my centre of attention is at the bottom. Being heavy at the top I decided to draw attention at the bottom.  I went for small satchel polka dot and floral bag to draw eyes near my hand and went for gorgeous bracelet and couple of rings.

Let me know whether you liked today's post and let me know what you think about my outfit.

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