Monday, 2 May 2016

Singapore Visit 2016

I must say Asian countries are fun when it comes to styling an outfit. In Asian countries you can wear lots of colours and you would still feel like it is not enough. Back in home (Toronto) I would be layering a lot of stuff from turtle neck sweater to scarves to long vests. But in Asian countries you need to let your skin breathe and have fun with different lengths and styles of clothing.

My recent visit to Singapore turned in to an opportunity to try out some of my clothes that I have been stocking at the back of the wardrobe. The Canadian weather would not let me to wear this comfy yet romantic outfit. Whereas these outfits are way too hot and inappropriate for the country I am temporarily residing, Bangladesh.

As I packed for my trip I decided to carry minimal jewelry and decided to take only one shoe and bag since this was not a leisure trip. I was visiting Singapore to get my mother better treatment since she has been suffering from retinal detachment. I decided to carry a structured bag in ivory colour which would surely match with any outfit combination. Where as for shoes I thought a wedge in black and gold is perfect for the airport, to walk around and at the same time make a statement. 

This recent trip to Singapore has turned out to be an opportunity to dress romantically and so I got to wear outfits that are SS16 inspired! Shop all the looks below! 

So, first day while visiting the doctor I opted for understated outfit in light grey which has peter pan collar. I don't wanted to look boring so I went for two belts instead of one. The black one has studded metals whereas the red one is a classic plaid. As for accessories I wore knuckle ring from H&M and a statement bow bracelet. I finished my look with the structured bag from Aldo.

On my second day I visited the doctor followed by shopping. I opted for something dark since it was raining because dark clothes are perfect when the rain pours and would not let your clothes to be see-through unlike light colour clothes. However I wanted to make my outfit cheerful and not the gloomy weather control my mood. I let a sigh of relief thinking that I brought my favourite black floral shirt. I wore it with my pleated navy pencil skirt. I accessorized the outfit with pink ear studs therefore matching the floral prints of my shirt. I finished the look with brown pendant which I bought from street market of Bangkok.

On my third day I wore floral tulle midi skirt which I have not worn since I bought. As the hot and breezy weather calls for an opportunity to dress romantic and comfy I tucked my red silk shirt in the floral tulle skirt. What I love about this shirt is the pussy bow at the front. Since it has wide V-neck I opted for my pendant and finished the look with bejewelled bow bracelet and knuckle ring.

After a wonderful trip and the chance to come with feminine and fun outfit I decided to go for super comfy yet fun at the airport. Instead of black and gold wedge I wore a navy blue shiny Zara loafers that I bought from Zara outlet of Orchard street of Singapore. I loved how it goes with my H&M stripe pant. Since playing with various combination of stipe is the biggest trend of SS16 I portrayed the trendiest runway style through my favourite polo shirt, H&M pant, Aldo bag and Zara shoe. I went for only one accessory at the airport, my bejewelled bow bracelet.

Shop all the similar looks here.

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