Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Redefine Cool By wearing Your 3 Coolest Item In An Unique Way!

What's cool? How do you define cool? Well if you ask me, when it comes to fashion, cool is something that looks effortlessly stylish & relaxed at the same time.In fashion media cool is something that makes you look equivalent to Kendall , Gigi & Kylie. If you can ace the off duty model look that would be a very cool fashion trick! Yes, but it's not always that you would end up looking like off duty model if you are wearing your designer leather jacket, the perfect boots, sunglasses & boyfriend jeans! There are some tricks to look extremely cooler instantly.  Weather it's ankle booties or leather jacket you can redefine the word 'cool' and make your already cooler items enviable. After all your clothes and accessories also needs a fresh makeover just like you! Trust me, your leather jacket would just be the same and look plain and boring if you wear it with boyfriend jeans and ankle booties. Why not wear these cooler & stylish items separately and give it a new look. So, when I ask you which are the outfit staples that makes you look instantly cool.? The things that comes to your mind are leather jacket, boyfriend jeans & ankle booties. If you wear them together, then you definitely look cool. However you would just completely blend with the rest of the crowd. How about you wear this wardrobe stables separately & come up three different outfit options? Here are some fun ways you can make them look instantly stylish & cool! Shop all the looks below!

Leather Jacket
Fashion Tip: We all agree that leather jackets are cool but it can look even more cooler & unique at the same time if you opt for things that are on trend & menswear inspired! If you are a trend lover opt for fringe skirt because it's not only fun twirling & twisting wearing this trendy staple but also it looks best on photos! However if you do not like this particular trend opt for something girly & statement making skirts. As for top, ditch your tee & go for statement making bralette. Lingeries as outer wear are huge thing on the runway & on streets. But how would a real woman wear them? Go for something that covers your cleavage making sure it looks decent & stylish. For shoes menswear inspired Oxfords are what you need. The combination of fringe skirt & oxford is just way too perfect to rock your leather jacket. Finish the look with small back pack & gold necklace because gold necklace against the leather jacket makes your outfit look instantly fashion forward. Don't you agree? Let me know what you think!

Boyfriend Jeans
Fashion Tip: Do you know your boyfriend jeans are your best friend when running errands despite of how old, worn out & torn they may look?  It is always so comfortable and an important outfit staple to make you feel like you just stepped out of Alexander Wang runway! It is the best option after your sweatpants if you want to feel comfy. If your Moto is "roomier the better" than this boyfriend jeans is your favourite trendy item. Instead of wearing it the same way with leather jacket, tees & boots, go for roomy crop top. Yes, a loose & bigger staple on the top would look bulkier because you always learned to mix loose items with fitted ones. At least that's what fashion expert from fashion industry would suggest. However there is a secret method to make you look leaner & spectacular. Go for sophisticated waistcoat in straight silhouette. A straight silhouette like this would make you look lean and proportional. Go for statement making box heel sandal & Crossbody bag to finish the look.

Ankle Boots
Fashion Tip: Ankle boots are necessary for fall but it is also style must-have for summer. It can instantly make your outfit look cool & comfy. Mostly this favourite fall staple is worn with denim shorts, boyfriend jeans or mini skirt. Give your fall favourite a new look with this new trick. Why not go for something long at the bottom? Go for long slit skirt like the one above. Slits are important not to show your gorgeous legs but to make sure that ankle boots are peeking from underneath the skirt. Tuck your wardrobe basic like button down shirt in the skirt and for making your outfit look refreshing carry a stripe back pack. Finish the look with dangling earrings and you are good to go.

Which outfit idea do you love the most? 
Shop all the looks below!

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