Saturday, 28 May 2016

How To Wear: Bright Printed Pants

Printed pants are sartorial obsession for all fashionistas who knows that it takes a little bit of effort to look  ....."effortless" yet stylish. Well I must say I am extremely lucky to find this beautiful H&M artistic bright pants in a thrift store of India and cannot believe it is less than 3 dollars!!! And I am thankful that my parents literally forced me to take a trip to India with them. 

 I love the artistic print, the electric pink color, the shape, the style and the polyester material. It is not always that you get great pair of comfortable pants which is trendy yet extremely cheap. So, here is how I wore it, check out all the pictures and my fashion tips to wear  bright printed pants.

Fashion Tip: Match your earrings with your pants! It is fun when the colour of your pant matches your accessories. It's your face that needs to be noticed more than your clothes so wearing something equally eye catching would draw some attention away from your statement pants.

Fashion Tip: Polka dot accessories are fun way to freshen your outfit. Here, I opted for black and white polka dot bag that looks fabulous with my art inspirred pants.

Fashion Tip: Boxy tops looks great with your straight pants. If you are not sure what to wear with your pants that is stretchable and clinks at the top and flares out at the bottom then opt for boxy shirt. This would automatically balance your look and make you look proportional giving you a shape.

Fashion Tip: Do not underestimate the power of pastel shoes! Pastel shoes looks great with anything and everything from your most boring outfit to statement making outfits. It is something that should be treated like your go to black pumps!

Fashion Tip:Go for unexpected colour combos, prints and patterns in an outfit.

Fashion Tip: Small details and unique accessories can make or break your outfit!!! Just imagine wearing an outfit without any accessories. It looks dull, boring and feels something is missing... Accessories are core element of your outfit. I opted for a statement earrings, brown pendant, bow bracelet and knuckle rings which I think together makes this outfit a hit! What do you think?

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