Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fashion Lessons From: Adele

"Hello" there! Today I would dedicate this post to all those women who stood up against body shaming and would make their voice heard to stop this crucial issue that is still present in our society. In the world of celebrity there are lots of people who spoke up  about body shaming issues. But there is one person who has never talked about it until very recently and opened up about how she has been dealing with it over the years. She is Adele! She has been struggling with body image all her life and she opens  up about it when she released her album "when We Were Young". She says she won't let the body image problem rule her life. She says,"There is only one of you, why would you want to look like everyone else?" And she is absolutely right! We should celebrate and be happy with how we look and therefore should stop stereotyping!
I must say Adele is different and she has unique and classic sense of style. Today is Adele's birthday and here are some of her best outfit pairing from which we should learn some fashion lesson and take some ideas...Happy Birthday Adele! 

Pair your printed scarf with your printed jumpsuit! Make sure that your scarf and jumpsuit have prints that are of almost similar colours and patterns. Add a belt to define your waist. 

Head to toe black is not boring when your outfit is structured, polished and has a sophisticated style. Make sure the fabric is rich and the silhouette is feminine and clean line. A duster coat with gold buttons look fantastic on Adele which she wore with fedora hat, shades and boots.

A statement jacket is all you need to brighter your day. Go for head to toe black and add a printed statement jacket!

Everyone must have a coat that is other than the colour, black. Go for red, yellow, blue or even pastel. Or take fashion cue from Adele and go for a fringe coat.

When you are in a hurry it's hard to accessorize and look great but with simple steps casual look can be fun too. Make your casual look cooler with three simple items: shades, sneakers and colour block bag.

Wear black and add red lipstick when you are unsure about what to wear to a formal event.

Forget the fashion rules and try something daring. Go for printed dress and printed shoe. Make your outfit look monochromatically printed by opting for print shoes in similar colour of the dress.

Steal her look by shopping Alele inspired items below.

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