Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Head To Toe Purple

Purple symbolises nobility and today I went for head to toe purple. It was just like any other day and it's been a long time I don't wear knee length dresses. So, the first thing that I picked out from my messy wardrobe was a purple dress with drapes near its waist.

Here are 6 reasons to love a purple knee length dress.

It is elegant and the colour makes anyone standout. No matter what your skin colour is this shade of purple is a striking colour. It is mostly suited for people who are brown to dark skinned.

It surprisingly makes bright accessories to stand out.  What I did was add an element of surprise to my purple dress: statement long necklace.

It doesn't require putting much effort. I decided to apply no make up and only lip balm. It worked wonderfully. The colour grabs the attention and so less attention is given to your face.

You can go for matchy shoes. I went for matchy shoes knowing that it wouldn't look trashy. Matching accessories are hard to pull off and it takes a lot of guts to go for this trend. However this shades of purple in solid colour keeps you safe and fabulous.

Knee length is perfect length and you can get away with this length from church to groceries, to date to parties and almost everywhere.

Solid purple colour gives you confidence and you can go for mismatched accessories. A rich colour like this one had boost my confidence and I went for silver cuff and antique bracelet in crimson.

Let me know what are your reasons to love your purple dress and how would you wear them.
Also let me know whether you have liked today's outfit of the day.

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