Saturday, 6 June 2015

Flowers And Leafs

It's Saturday night and it's a bit chilly out there in Toronto. It's summer in every parts of the world but the temperature has been dropping down in Canada. So, I decided to try something different in this so called "summer".

 With whole new outfit combination and style ideas here I am writing about my latest ootd in the middle of the night. I needed to write about this outfit because it's been a long time I don't try something that is out of my comfort zone.....what I mean by out of my comfort zone is pulling off shorts! 

Actually I was never in to shorts or minis. I am more in to flowy dresses, vintage frocks, trendy styles, culottes, long skirts and midis etc.....however I have my own style of wearing shorts and minis. Mostly it's with black tights. As the weather suggested a little bit of cover up, I went for black tights and ankle boots.....

Not a bit uncomfortable in this outfit and I think it absolutely goes with my personality. Infact I love wearing tights unders shorts, it gives a little bit edge to my feminine top.

What I have combined today? It's Flowers and Leafs!!! I went for baby pink floral top and leafy print navy shorts.

This has been one of my favourite colour combo so far! Baby pink + navy blue and it looks perfect with black as well.

It's easy to wear tights during summer! If you are a huge leggings or tights fan like me layer it under a shorts or minis.

Let me know whether you like today's outfit post and also let me know how do you wear your favourite shorts. Hoping to hear from you soon. 

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