Friday, 4 March 2016

What I learned From Being Cute And Feminine

Well, it is outside my comfort zone to try something that has minimal or less prints! I wanted to try something that is fun and breezy and something that has solid colours! I took a little break from my usual style and went for something that was not menswear inspired or has no edginess or has no experimentation, or something that is not statement making and nor even short I went for something that "does not describe me"! 

I went for something feminine and sweared by to stick to solid colour! I bought this dress a long time ago but it to my horror it didn't fit me!!! Waited for a year and half and one day fits me and surprisingly I find it "suitable" for me! i found it suitable not because it fits me but because I love the colour: blush! I also love the embroidery on the body and obviously "loooooved" the  drop waist style which I dreaded before because I had the misconception that it makes people look larger than they are! On the contrary it makes you look feminine and cute!!!

As it was windy outside I choosed a long sleeve toasted almond colour shrug which looks great with the colour of my dress! Trust me on this I am saying toasted not because I love Avocado Toast but because this particular colour is called toasted almond! Sounds crazy? right? The colour is refreshing and looks perfect with the blush dress! They are truly "made for each other"!

 The animal print leather and fur loafer adds a perfect edgyness to my feminine outfit. I did not wanted to let go off my personal style completely and thought I should add a bit of edgyness to my look!

Since I strongly believe that an outfit could look great only when you add your personal touch to it! I thought I should opt for something that describes me! I went for my statement making necklace! Since my outfit had lots of light and feminine colours I opted for something bright!!!I wore a cobalt statement necklace to finish off this fun and breezy summer outfit.

However I wanted my outfit to look put together and it would only look put together if a belt is clinched on the waist! I added a baby pink wide belt!

So here is my tip,  the colour combo to try this summer :Blush pink + Toasted Almond + Cobalt +  Baby Pink

So, what I learned is this:

  1. It is okay to wear something that you have never tried
  2. You should wear solids
  3. Blush pink looks great on anyone 
  4. Loafers are great 
  5. When in doubt add a little bit of personal style
  6. You should take toasted almond colour seriously!!!!
  7. Trying something out of comfort zone is called "experimentation"
  8. Go for statement making accessories when you are unsure about your outfit
  9. Add a belt to define your waist
  10. That You have read till this

Check out the photos and let me know what you think about this summer outfit!

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So, what style is out of your comfort zone???

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