Thursday, 17 March 2016

Update Your Look With Unique Accessories

Hey Fashion Lovers! How do you sizzle up your date night outfit or girls night out outfit ? Is it Your  perfect little black dress? Statement shoe? A date night outfit is incomplete without perfect accessories and lots of confidence. What makes an outfit stand out is the way you accessorize it. Here is what I wore in a semi formal music event. Instead of picking my outfit first for the event I started building my outfit around my knuckle ring.

Check out my latest style tips and tricks to build an outfit around your most unique accessories.

I wanted my accessories to stand out and nothing makes your outfit stand out than pairing it with another unique accessories. So, I paired my H&M knuckle ring with my Guess charm bracelet.

As for the outfit I wore a dress underneath a skirt. So, if your summer short dress is sitting idly in the back of your closet give it a new look by tucking it under a long maxi skirt!

For any event I look for details in an outfit that is surely a conversation starter. Plunging necklines and a knot in the skirt are definitely worth noticing. What kind of detail you guys look for???

 I mixed the print of my dress with this cute, very much attention grabbing polka dots and floral bag from Aldo.

Just like the rest of your outfit your feet also needs some unique touch. I know it's neither an ankle boot nor it's a pump shoe. It's somewhere in between. This particular shoe has unique box heels giving my look more of 80s vibe.

Black and electric pink are always in and makes your outfit both feminine and edgy at the same time. What's your favourite colour combo?

Pony tail is also the best way to keep it simple when it comes to hairstyle. A sleek ponytail is fuss free and classic.

What's your idea on updating your date night or girls night out outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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