Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A New Way To Wear A Shirtdress

I know sometimes I go crazy when it comes to mixing prints! But sometimes I don't focus on prints! Sometimes I am in the mood of mixing different combination of wardrobe staples that have different length and would look unusually fashion forward when worn together!

I also love the idea of wearing a dresses over pants! But there is a right way to do it! No, I am not showing you how to wear dress over pants here (that is reserved for another day ) but I am showing how shirtdress should be worn over your outfit, in my case a cute top and a peplum skirt!

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Finding a new way to jazz up your peplum skirt while going out with your girls? Throw on a Shirtdress over your blouse. Tuck the blouse in your peplum skirt and keep your shirtdress unbutton to show your  perfect outfit.

Go for sleeveless shirtdress over your half sleeve printed top to show the fun print of your blouse.

A great way to wear short skirts is to pair them with flats not heels. It gives you a laid back yet sexy look

Go for shorter layering pieces. Go for uneven lengths to style your outfit. I opted for shorter shirt dress over a slightly longer peplum skirt.

Go for no or fewer accessories when your outfit has busier prints. I went for one metallic bracelet and I was good to go.

I finished  my look with soft metallic Versace bag and cover girl lipgloss.

Let me know what you think about my latest mix and match tip and whether you would love to try it. 

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So, how would you wear shirt dress this summer?

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