Saturday, 17 October 2015

Tropical Fall

Hey Fashion Lovers!
I came back to Bangladesh in order to finish my graduation  and would go back to my residence country, Canada as soon as I am done with my education and my moms medical treatment. It has been difficult to adjust here in Bangladesh lately because of extreme humidity and hot weather. It's October already and Bangladesh being a tropical country there is no sign of chilly weather or any sign of Fall. My outfit choice has changed a great deal lately due to extreme hot and humid weather. I go for softer fabrics and tend to go more and more for florals. However to celebrate the advent of  "so called " Fall in Dhaka I went for the dark romance trend. I went for black floral comfy slip on pants from Walmart and paired it with grey geometric print top from Catseye of Bangladesh. I focused more on the accessories this time since I won't be pulling off any moto jackets or military trend once again since I am back here. I went for two cuffs instead of one....double is more fun! I also wore this statement necklace from H&M and envelope bag from a street market in Bangkok. As for shoes I avoided my usual preference for wedges and platforms and went for slip on sandal from Aldo this time and that too a statement making gold colour to finish my  "Tropical Fall look".

Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think.

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