Monday, 12 September 2016

Fashion Tips & Tricks: Asymmetric Detail + Dark Florals

Dark floral is something that has been in fashion scene for a while. Even though dark floral trend something that makes an outfit instantly edgy and grunge inspired, I would love to make it a bit toned down.....I would love to make this trend feminine and soft and best way to do that is by opting for either floral print or pastel. Well I'm this case I have hit the bulls eye by opting for both the trend in one staple: my asymmetric floral and pastel skirt.

Read on to know why I think this outfit works really well.

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This outfit definitely works because of the right shoe! Try out sophisticated loafers next time with your midi dress. 

I just love the fact that dark floral shirt and the assymetric detail skirt doesn't overpower one another and balances each other. So yeah.....thumbs up to these combination.

This works because it looks good from the back as well! ;) 

One of the reason this outfit works is because of minimal accessories! I opted for two cuffs and made the rest of my look plain.

This outfit works because tote bag in white ,beige, nude, brown and black are reliable. Go for your go-to and practical tote bag that looks simply great with any outfit.

What do you think of this latest fashion tip by A Fashionholics's Life? 

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