Sunday, 26 July 2015

Long Time No See

I know it's been a very long time I don't blog or write about my latest obsession about fashion,dear fashionholics. I have been busy for a long time from cleaning the whole house, to hosting a party, to travelling to Unites States to visiting new places and meeting my two little cousins. I am gonna start writing about them soon. Here are some pictures taken somewhere in the second week of July and just before visiting USA. 

Here is how my summer holiday began with a nice Friday Night party in Toronto downtown. This is what I bought from Forever 21: 3D Flower white mini skirt. What I love about this skirt is whether I  dress it up or down  it never fails to look feminine and pretty. This skirt suits me perfectly and looks perfect for a party.

I opted for one dark and one light midium sized cuff and I don't regret my decision. Make a style statement by opting for light and dark unique cuffs.

Match your bag with your skirt instead of matching your bag with your shoe! You hear that right! It makes my outfit look brighter and fresh. Opt for light colours if you have a smaller hip like me and make sure the bag doesn't fall just above your bust...either choose a cross body bag or a bag that drops somewhere near your waistline to give a slender effect. 

I matched my tights and with my shoe to give an illusion of longer and leaner body.

V neck makes my neck look longer and as its a party I opted for something gorgeously sexy like this studded navy blue top.

Drop earrings are must have accessory for summer party night. However make sure your earring is lighter and doesn't get tangled to your hair. I opted for Aldo earrings.

Another thing I liked about this bag is the gorgeous satchel which is definitely a statement making item.

Let me know what you think about outfit of the month. There are more posts coming up about USA trip and about latest fashion trends. Please come back to know about the most trendiest fall item and shopping deals. Have a look at my A Shopaholic's Life page to know more about deals and coupons.....

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