Saturday, 7 January 2017

Almost Monochromatic!

Hello there! I have not been able to sit to write and interact with you. I feel like I have been left out from the social media network and everything feels new. Well, it is new year and I have not been in social media since October! Can you believe how time flies so fast? So, many things have changed for good and I am so excited to share with you that I got an internship program at Triluxe Luxury Distribution during first week of October. I have been busy with receiving samples, arranging them, visual merchandising, helping the customers in the fitting room, filing and the list goes on. I have been tired since there was no time for play as it is all work but I never felt so happier.

These photos were taken during September and I do not know whether you would like seeing them as they might be a bit old to you. As I have been spared from work, school and family gathering I am finally able to share these photos with you.

The inspiration to dress up came from the monochromatic trend but I did not wanted to go for top to bottom monochromatic look. I have added a hint of black and white to my outfit which I am sure you can notice. So this outfit was almost monochromatic!
What I love about this outfit is the animal print sash around my waist. In case you think its a belt you should know it is not....!It is attached to the midi dress.
I wore two bracelets, red bangle and purple studded cuff, wore gold coloured fringe necklace, round grey sunglasses and black and white pump to finish my look.
One accessory that complements the whole outfit is the white tote bag! Don't you think?

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